Newsletter September 2017

19 Sep 2017

I hope you had a great summer. A warm welcome back to the new school year and term.  If you are new to the school, I hope you soon feel “at home”.

PUPILS ON ROLL: There are 412 children on roll.                   


New Teachers: We are delighted to welcome 3 new excellent teachers, they are: Miss Yacoub, Y1L; Miss Davies, Y2L; and Miss Carter Y4L. Please see the website for a full list of all classes and teachers.

Passion Projects: Well done to all the children who completed and handed in their passion projects! This is a great start on drawing out every child’s passions and celebrating their creativity with their new class and teacher.

Summer Building Projects:

  • The roof and electrics were renovated
  • New double glazing windows were fitted to the front of the school
  • The I.T. systems were upgraded

We await a new skylight in the Reception area (so apologise the front entrance is so dark while we wait!)

American Football: Oldfield pupils’ have been selected to be mascots at the NFL International series at Wembley Stadium on 24th September. Congratulations to: Ali Alayan Y6O,Anuvab Kharel Y6L, Aarjun Saini Y6L, Tyler Birch-Campbell Y6L, Duwaine Duncan Y6O, Ahsanullah Mahmad Y6L, Gelu Marin Y6O, Kaylan Kasim Y6L, Jedye Boakye Y6O. We wish you all the best!!

INSPIRE MORNINGS WITH A THEME OF FINDING AND NURTURING YOUR CHILDS GIFTS:: Please find overleaf the dates for this term’s Inspire Mornings. These short but very informative sessions as your children settle are very popular with parents.

A date for your diary: Professor Valsa Koshy (Brunel university) and Dr Elizabeth Koshy (a GP) and I are holding a parents’ forum for all parents on October 31st with a theme of the huge benefits of teachers and parents working closely together to nurture children’s gifts - see calendar. 

AUTUMN TERM CURRICULUM MAPs are with this newsletter home today, with information on what children are learning this term, key vocabulary plus other useful information.

CODE OF CONDUCT COMPETITION WINNERS: Congratulations to the Code of Conduct Art Competition Winners who will all receive a book token.

KS1 winners are: Chidera Amako Y1O, Aditi Tuli Y1L, Amina Ait Medjane Y2O, Oliwia Zdrojewska Y2L, Alessia Cioffi-Pinto Y2L

KS2 winners are: Natalia Gawlik Y3L, Bella Richardson Y3L, Rayan Ibrahim Y3O, Kaviya Vimalathasan Y3O, Brayan Duch Y4L, Siya Patel Y4L, Ritika Salhan Y4O, Maria Salam Y4O, Rishna Mahi Y5O, Banaz Mamand Y5O, Victoria Szwach Y5O, Imen Ait Medjane Y5L, Dima Saeed Y5L, Frank Klosinski Y6O, Nerjis Nagem Y6O.

HOMEWORK AND HOME LEARNING: Homework is helped by our school intranet or ‘MLE’ and your child has their password.  Do help your child with his or her home learning, talk to them and take an interest but don’t do their work. Send a note in for the teacher if you have a question.

ZIP OYSTER PHOTOCARD Children aged 5-10 and 11-15 need a Zip Oyster Photocard to travel on London Transport. Applying is easy, visit or pick up an application form from your local Post Office.

PARENT REP VACANCIES AND PARENT VOLUNTEERS IN SCHOOL: We currently have vacancies for our Parent Rep Group in Reception, Y1L, Y3O, Y3L, Y4O, Y4L and Y6O. The purpose of the Parent Rep Group is to focus on one main project at a time.  We also discuss other ‘small’ things that come up e.g. after school clubs for homework etc. Please contact Mrs Taylor if you would like to find out more. Alternatively, if you would like to volunteer in school e.g. helping in the classroom please contact Mrs Lorrimore.

FRIENDS OF OLDFIELD: The next Friends of Oldfield AGM is on Tuesday 26th September at 9:00am in the Practical Room. All parents are welcome to this important meeting. Our fundraising efforts have enhanced the education and experience of all the children and will continue to do so with your support. Please contact Mrs Savage, if you can help in any way.

THE STUDENT COUNCIL Children have been voting in their classes for one child to represent children’s views across the school. We will publish the names of the children in the next newsletter.

UNIFORM: We had a Uniform Check yesterday. Letters sent home with children if not wearing correct uniform. There will be a second check on Monday 16th October. All children need to be in uniform including a sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo and children must wear shoes and not trainers. Also, please ensure the required PE kit is left in school and taken home for washing at the end of each half-term. All long hair must be tied back. Uniform can be purchased from Kevin’s School Wear, 17 The Broadway, Greenford, UB6 9PH. Tele: 0208 578 1210

UNIFORM RECYCLING SALE: The next Uniform Recycling Sale will be on Thursday 21st September at 3:15pm, in the school hall. We are looking for parent volunteers to help with the sale – please see Mrs Stewart, Wellbeing Officer, if you are available to help.

SCIENCE COMPETITION WINNERS: Last term we held a Science Competition and the children really used their creativity and imagination. Congratulations to the following winners who will all receive a £5.00 book token: Selina Chung Y1L, Yana Rusyn Y1O,  Djenat Hamoudi Y5L and Ria Bammi Y6O

BICYCLE ATTENDANCE WINNER: Congratulations to Alain Samano who won a £100 bike token for 100% attendance and punctuality for the last academic year

MEDICAL: Care Plans are in place for all children where parents inform us of a medical condition. Please contact Mrs Edwards, Welfare Officer, if your child has a medical condition that the school needs to be aware of.

SCHOOL ADMISSIONS APPLICATIONS SEPTEMBER 2018: High School applications for September 2018 must be submitted to the local authority by 31st October 2017 (paper applications by 20th October) and the deadline for Reception applications is 15th January 2018. Applications should be made via the local authority,

NURSERY AND RECEPTION PLACES AVAILABLE: For more information please contact the school office on 020 8578 2507

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