Newsletter November 2017

30 Nov 2017

A warm welcome to parents and children who have recently joined the school!

PUPILS ON ROLL: There are 414 children on the school roll.

SATS RESULTS 2017: see the website for full results Headlines are:

KS2: We are delighted that once again, as for 4 out of the last 5 years, Oldfield Primary is in the top 25%  of all schools nationally for the progress pupils make, in fact

Writing and Maths we are in the top 10% nationally in Reading we are in the top 20% nationally

So well done to the children and all the hardworking talented teachers.

KS1: We were very pleased with numbers of children working at a greater depth, however, in Reading the children were very challenged in the way questions were worded. In all areas, results were in the range expected nationally for pupils at the end of KS1. 

PHONICS: Year on year improvement for the last 5 years at the end of KS1 means at 34.8% the average score is in line with Ealing and above national (33.3%).

EARLY YEARS: The measure of a good level of development (GLD) by the end of Reception showed a further increase from last year and the school is broadly in line with Ealing and national.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Children and staff were invited to celebrate this important event by having a non-uniform day on Friday 13th of October. They were encouraged to celebrate the diverse community of Oldfield School by wearing their national costumes or their flag colours. They also learnt about African Drumming KS2. Teachers seized this opportunity to use Afro-Caribbean texts to teach different genres in writing in English or History across the key stages.

Ready4Learning Competition: Congratulations to the following winners who will all receive a £5 book token: Igor Baskiewicz Y2O, Raveena Kohli Y3O, Musa Khan Y3O, Nicole Szymanska Y5O, Victoria Szwach Y5O

NATIONAL YOUNG MATHEMATICIAN AWARD: Four children in Y6 (Petra Colceag Y6L, Anarghya Zala Y6O, Laith Boudabbous Y6L and Ayaan OsmanY6O) represented the school on Thursday 9th November in the National Young Mathematician Award 2017. The competition is run with the NRICH project at the University of Cambridge and is designed to inspire and challenge talented mathematicians from across the UK. Our team had a great result and won the first round!  We have now been invited to compete in the regional finals and if successful will be off to the grand final in Cambridge University in December. Wish us luck.

PRIMARY MATHS CHALLENGE: Ten children in Y5 and Y6 took part in the Primary Maths Challenge on 16th November. This is another national competition which we run in school. The following children took part in this challenge: Haadi Chaudhry, Oliver Wojnar, Ria Bammi, Abhay Patel, Jaipriya Salhan, Gerry Comber, Zaid Nakshabandi, Yashica Saini, Diya Gupta and Oliver Tomaszewsk. Well done to them all for participating. Winners will be announced in an upcoming assembly.

PENCIL CASES FROM JANUARY: The children are allowed to have their own pencil case in school.  This needs to be a zip-up small pencil case containing HB writing pencils, blue handwriting pens, simple colouring pencils, a plain rubber, a sharpener, a small ruler and a small glue stick.  Please do not let your child bring in felt tip pens, Sharpie pens, gel pens or any other expensive/extravagant items. We provide felt tip pens in school when they are needed.  Children are asked to take home oversized pencil cases and other items not listed.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance needs to be over 96% and with ongoing help from parents we hope to maintain this target.


  • NO leave for visiting relatives or taking a holiday during term time will be authorised:
  • Only emergency dental or medical appointments should be made during the school day.

Thank you. Dr Day

Class % attendance Comment
NAM 90.3% Must aim for 96%
NPM 95.1% Well done, keep aiming higher
NFT 91.4% Gone down, keep aiming higher
YRL 93.4% Gone down, keep aiming higher
Y1O 96.2% Well done – keep it up
Y1L 96.2% Well done – keep it up
Y2O 96.3%  - keep it up
Y2L 97.2% Excellent – keep it up
Y3O 96.8% Well done – keep it up
Y3L 96.5% Well done – keep it up
Y4O 98.4% Excellent!
Y4L 96.1% Well done – keep it up
Y5O 97.0% Excellent – keep it up
Y5L 97.5% Well done – keep it up
Y6O 97.8% Excellent – keep it up
Y6L 97.8% Excellent – keep it up
96.3 Keep aiming high! Our attendance target is 96.5

PUNCTUALITY: is a concern. It is important that children arrive for the start of morning registration. Late arrival into class disrupts lessons already underway and creates unnecessary administrative work. Please get your child to school on time!

SCHOOL ADMISSIONS APPLICATIONS SEPTEMBER 2018: The deadline for Reception applications is 15th January 2018. Applications should be made via the local authority,

A REMINDER, NO DOGS ON SITE: Due to the number of people on site during morning and afternoon drop off and collection times, in the interest of safety, dogs are not allowed on site.

ONLINE SAFETY TIP: Keep your computer/games console in the living room where Internet activity can be closely monitored.

NURSERY AND RECEPTION PLACES ARE AVAILABLE: For more information please contact the school office on 020 8578 2507

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