Newsletter January 2018

30 Jan 2018

A warm welcome to parents and children who have recently joined the school!

PUPILS: There are 422 children on the school roll.

PARENT MEETINGS are on: TUESDAY 6th FEBRUARY 3:40pm - 6:00pm and THURSDAY 8th FEBRUARY 4:30pm - 7:00pm:

Please book an appointment to see your child’s class teacher using the online Parent Evening System at: Booking appointments will be available from today. Please see separate letter going home with children today for instructions on how to book an appointment. Year 1O and Year 4O Parent Meetings will be arranged for after half-term; parents will be informed of the meeting date next week.

ART WEEK: Art week this year has been a great success with all year groups producing work inspired by artists throughout history and across different cultures. The theme of colour runs across all of the students work, which you can
see in the art show; open for parents and carers to view in the Eco Room until Tuesday 30th of January. Come by and 
help us celebrate success.

CONCERNS: Reminder to bring all concerns via the school office. If you have a concern on any issue please bring these to the office and an appointment can be made with the correct member of staff. This is an expectation of all parents and carers at all schools in Ealing. A copy of the LA Behaviour Code can be found on the information display stand outside the school office.

REVERSE ADVENT: Mrs Savage took 12 boxes of Reverse Advent goods to the Samaritans before the Holidays along
with £75 donated by families at Oldfield. Staff at the Samaritans asked to pass on their thanks for the very generous donations received.

BIKE CLUB: Learn to ride together during the February half term holidays in Ealing! There are free family cycle training sessions for adults and children run by CTUK. These will be fun group lessons and games in local parks and on-road riding. Keep fit, have fun and learn to fix your bike. Children between six and eight years old must be accompanied by an
adult. Child consent form must be signed by an adult. No need to book. Just turn up. Website:

Morning session: 10am to 12noon for families or children (6+). Afternoon session: 1 to 3.30pm for families or older children .(11+). Gunnersbury Park, W3 8LQ (by the café) Wednesday, 14 February; Southall Park, UB1 3BT (by the container Boyd Ave) Thursday, 15 February.

PUNCTUALITY is a concern. It is important that children arrive for the start of morning registration. Late arrival nto class disrupts lessons already underway and creates unnecessary administrative work. Please get your child to school on time as every minute counts. Mrs Savage and Mrs Stewart will be meeting with the parents of children who are persistently late.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance needs to be over 96% and with ongoing help from parents we hope to achieve this target.


  • NO leave for visiting relatives or taking a holiday during term time will be authorised. Please do not arrange to take your holiday during term time.
  • Only emergency dental or medical appointments should be made during the school day

Thank you, Mrs Savage

Class % attendance Comment
87.7% This must increase to 96%
NPM 88.6% This must increase to 96%
NFT 90.2% Keep aiming for 96%
YRL 93.2% Keep aiming for 96%
Y1O 95.2% Well done – aim for 96%
Y1L 95.9% Well done – aim for 96%
Y2O 95.5% Well done – aim for 96%
Y2L 96.5% Excellent – keep it up
Y3O 95.9% Well done – aim for 96%
Y3L 95.0% Well done – aim for 96%
Y4O 96.8% Excellent!Keep it up
Y4L 95.6% Well done – aim for 96%
Y5O 96.7% Excellent – keep it up
Y5L 96.3% Excellent – keep it up
Y6O 97.4% Excellent – keep it up
Y6L 96.8% Excellent – keep it up
95.5% Keep aiming high! Our attendance target is 96.5

SCOOTERS AND BICYCLES ON SCHOOL SITE: Please ensure children do not ride scooters or bikes on the school site as accidents can easily occur.

PARENT/CARER CONTACT DETAILS: Please inform the school office to let us know if your contact details have changed. It is important that this information is kept up to date in case we need to contact you at any time. Thank you.

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