Newsletter February 2018

27 Feb 2018

A warm welcome to parents and children who have recently joined the school!

PUPILS: There are 419 children on the school roll.

QUIZ CLUB: Congratulations to Oldfield’s Quiz Club Team (Ishna  Arulmaran Y3O, Sakib  Bhuiyan Y3L, Avneet Judge Y4L, Dalia Andreeva Y4L, Kaynaath Ali Y5L, Oliver Wojnar Y5L, Norbert  Pawelkiewicz  Y6O, Haadi Chaudhry Y6L) who ably represented the school in the first heats of Quiz Club. We were just pipped at the post to come in 2nd and 3rd place this round. Well done to these children who represented the school sharing their impressive General Knowledge!

FRUIT SALE: Thank you very much for the donations of fruit sent in before half-term. The fruit sale raised £190! This money will go towards providing equipment for the children to use during playtimes. Many thanks to the class Parent Reps who gave up their time to prepare and sell the fruit.

SOFT START: Gates will continue to open at 8:45am every morning. Children can now come straight into class to settle quickly into routines so there is a smoother start to the day.  There will continue to be one bell at 8:45am and another at 3:05pm to signal that the gates are open.

DAILY MILE: Children are participating in the daily mile which is a quick way to boost exercise levels. Please ensure they have a suitable pair of trainers to wear.

MOBILE PHONES AND CAMERAS: In line with all other Ealing schools we are asking for all mobiles and recording devices to be turned off on site. Please respect this request and remind other members of the school community to adhere to this for the safety and privacy of all. Please let a member of staff know via the office if someone needs help on this issue.

SCHOOL APP: Reminder to download the School APP which has lots of current information (Then add our school postcode UB6 8PR).

WORLD BOOK DAY, FRIDAY 2 MARCH: Following the letter sent home this week, we will be celebrating World Book Day next Friday 2nd March. Children can come to school dressed as their favourite book character. The children will be participating in lots of fun activities during the school day including making book themed food!!


  • NO leave for visiting relatives or taking a holiday during term time will be authorised. Please do not arrange to take your holiday during term time.
  • Only emergency dental or medical appointments should be made during the school day

Thank you, Mrs Savage

ATTENDANCE: Attendance taken to 22nd February 2018 is 95.2%. Our target this year is 96.5%. Children need to be in school to be achieving their best.

Class % attendance Comment
NAM 88.0% This must increase to 95%
NPM 88.9% This must increase to 95%
NFT 92.0% Keep aiming for 96%
YRL 93.1% Keep aiming for 96%
Y1O 95.0% Well done – aim for 96%
Y1L 95.0% Well done – aim for 96%
Y2O 95.3% Well done – aim for 96%
Y2L 96.7% Excellent – keep it up
Y3O 95.7% Well done – aim for 96%
Y3L 94.7% Well done – aim for 96%
Y4O 96.5% Excellent!Keep it up
Y4L 95.8% Well done – aim for 96%
Y5O 96.6% Excellent – keep it up
Y5L 96.3% Excellent – keep it up
Y6O 96.8% Excellent – keep it up
Y6L 96.0% Excellent – keep it up
95.2% Keep aiming high! Our attendance target is 96.5

UNIFORM: Thanks to all who have taken the time to smarten up this past half-term. Reminder children need to wear shoes not boots or trainers. Hair accessories should be discrete and of neutral colours e.g. black or blue. Mrs Savage, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Tranter will begin meeting parents of children who need support in this area..

ONLINE SAFETY TIP: Surf together. Go online with your children and become part of their online life. The key to safe surfing is communication.


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