Newsletter December 2017

19 Dec 2017

Thank you and a fond farewell: In case anyone missed the letter of thanks I sent yesterday for the superb leaving gifts parents contributed towards. I was overwhelmed with the generosity and sentiments behind the gifts. Thank you

A warm welcome to parents and children who have recently joined the school!

PUPILS ON ROLL: There are 413 children on the school roll.

PRESENTATIONS TO PARENTS: Once again the seasonal productions were excellent; a great opportunity for children to perform. Thank you for attending and supporting the children. Each show was brilliant in its own way and very memorable. £147.02 was raised towards Great Ormond Street Hospital Research in memory of Anmol Kharel..

NEWS - ENTERPRISE EDUCATION: With the demise of a five year Engineering Project (through Lego model-making) in Year 3 last summer, we were delighted to be able to take-up the challenge of  an exciting life skills project across the school called Enterprise Education. Through this, skills such as problem solving, team work, aiming high, using imagination and listening and leading are taught.  In November we held a whole school Enterprise Day and last week, Enterprise Week.

It was an extremely exciting time for our Year 6 children where they applied English and mathematical skills much as they would if running a business!  Using approaches seen on “The Apprentice” or “Dragon’s Den” the children devised ways of making a budget grow by producing products or providing services to sell at school. We are very grateful to our school community for supporting Year 6; we have been overwhelmed with orders and production is in full swing! All orders will be given out before we break up for the Christmas holidays.

Ready4Learning Competition: Congratulations to the following winners who will all receive a £5 book token: Igor Baskiewicz Y2O, Raveena Kohli Y3O, Musa Khan Y3O, Nicole Szymanska Y5O, Victoria Szwach Y5O


Congratulations to four children in Y6 who represented the school on Wednesday 29th November in the regional finals of the National Young Mathematician Award 2017:

  • Petra Colceag Y6L
  • Anarghya Zala Y6O
  • Laith Boudabbous Y6L
  • Ayaan Osman Y6O

The team performed fantastically throughout the competition. We did very well, however, we were not in the top 5 in the country so didn’t make it to the grand final at Cambridge University. Well done to the children for displaying excellent teamwork skills and their perseverance throughout the rounds. They should be very proud of themselves!

ANNUAL PANTOMIME: Children in Year 2 through to Year 6 were highly entertained by M & M Productions in their performance of Peter Pan on Monday 11th December. Many costumes were worn by children including The Gruffalo, Anastasia and Ananci which gave an even better festive feel. There was a highly skilled dance off by Mr Wakefield and Miss Mason! This morning Nursery and Reception children enjoyed an interactive performance of The Elves and The Shoemaker and this afternoon Year 1 participated in another interactive performance of The Dragon of Krakow.

TOGETHER NURTURING  CHILDREN’S GIFTS & TALENTS AND ENABLING MASTERY:  Last Summer Term and this Autumn Term, parents worked with teachers and children to identify children’s gifts, talents and abilities and these are now included in the school’s tracking records for children in every class. The Autumn Inspire sessions included identifying your child’s gifts and some parents attended an open forum with Professor Valsa Koshy and Dr Elizabeth Koshy that supported the school’s stance that every child has a particular gift or talent. As parents and teachers we can work together to draw out and nurture these gifts and talents for every child.  In the Spring Term Mrs Savage and her team are reviewing Mastery, as expected in the National Curriculum in different subject areas, to see how all children can be supported to reach their potential. Oldfield will report to you at the end of the academic year through annual reports how your child is progressing in these areas.

SANTA NEWS! Early Years and Key Stage One had the pleasure of meeting Santa last week in our grotto. The children had a wonderful time chatting to Father Christmas, receiving gifts and having photos taken with him. What a magical time!  Thanks to the generosity of our parents and carers, we raised over £678.10 which will go towards trips and resources for our younger children.

MORE FUNDRAISING NEWS: Thank you for your continued support in fundraising events across the school.

International Evening 7/7/17 £2,623.01
Scholastic Book Fair 16/10-20/10/17 £413.61
October Reading Month £140.13
Character Day 20/10/17 – Great Ormond Street Hospital Research fundraising (GOSH) £210.32
Seasonal Performances fundraising for GOSH £147.02

NURSERY REMINDER: The last day for Nursery children is Tuesday 19th December.

NEW TEACHERS: As Mrs Lorrimore and Mrs Harriott are on maternity leave and Mrs Taylor is out of class to be Acting Deputy Head, we are delighted to welcome some excellent teachers for January: Ms Lang will teach Year 5O; Ms Khan will teach Y4O. Also, as Mrs Savage is Acting Head from January, Ms Garcia-Diaz will teach Y1O on Thursdays and Fridays.

SCHOOL ADMISSIONS APPLICATIONS SEPTEMBER 2018: The deadline for Reception applications is 15th January 2018. Applications should be made via the local authority,

Online Safety Tip: What age? Yes, you might buy that Xbox or PlayStation game in Tesco but do check what the recommended age is.





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