Sports Premium Spending 2016-17

Oldfield has been allocated £9,123.07 to improve our sport and PE provision, known as the Sports Premium..

Planned and current use of this funding:

  • £4000 ; Willow Tree (Ealing) School Sports Partnership - This enables us to work collaboratively with other primary schools in the borough. The partnership organises and runs a wide variety of sports competitions/CPD courses and other PE related provision to give our children a better range of opportunities within sports and PE.
  • £2000 ; External Sports Coaches - Funding was used to provide specialist sports coaching free of charge to all pupils, with Football subsidised and a greatly reduced rate.
  • £1300 ; Supply Teachers - This enables staff to be freed up to take our pupils to external sports competitions, ensuring our pupils attend as many competitions as is available.
  • £1823 ; Equipment - Replacing any equipment that is required and purchasing new equipment that will provide new opportunities for our pupils. This money ensures all pupils have access to good quality and equipment, that there is a sufficient amount for all pupils and that there is enough variety for a broad and balanced curriculum.

Impact of the Sport Funding Report

An extensive and comprehensive report into the impact of our current sport funding is available to view/download by clicking here. It is a large pdf document and may not display on all devices.

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