Report to Governors on Safeguarding and Child Protection 2016-17

Full Governing Body Safeguarding and Child Protection Report in LA recommended format. To be read, discussed and adjustments formally approved by the Full Governing Body. To view the full report in pdf format please click here.

From: Elizabeth Savage (Deputy Head) , Nikki Stewart ( Wellbeing Manager) and Kate Vintiner (CP Governor)

To:  Full Governing Body

Date:  June 2017


A) Attached is the reviewed Child Protection (CP) and Safeguarding Policies which have been considered by the Head, Child Wellbeing Leader, Child Protection Governor, and Chair of Governors.

B) After considering the previously reviewed policy the reviewing group made the follow adjustments.

  • FGM, which is already included in the CP policy, is now also in the SRE (Relationship, Health and Reproduction – RHR) policy
  • Following a visit of the HT to Norbury Primary School in Harrow, from September 2016, Oldfield will follow this school’s example of using the NSPCC’s “PANTS” programme in PSHCE lessons at age appropriate levels from Y1-Y6, as currently at Oldfield it is only in Nursery and Reception.
  • To further improve safeguarding and FGM awareness, National Curriculum Science will be used as a vehicle for children to learn the correct names for all body parts.

C) The Head ensures that the policies are shared with parents in the following way: placement on the school website; stated in newsletters where to locate.

The reviewing group recommend the revised policy to the Full Governing Body.

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