Pupil premium grant expenditure: End of Year Review of Plan for spending: 2016/17

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Overview of the school

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils on roll - 451

Total number of pupils eligible for PPG (including ever FSM) - 63 children FSM/ Ever 6; 6 LAC/ SGO; EYFSPP To be confirmed

Amount of PPG received per pupil; 63 x £1320= £83160; 9 x £1900= £17100 PP plus LAC or SGO; + EYFSPP = 10 x £60 = 600

Total amount of PPG predicted to be received - £100840 - upward adjustmentfrom start of year as only had £98820

Total amount spent  - £1055830

PPG remaining  T- nil

  1. To provide intensive support for identified  new, tracked and ‘Wellbeing for Learning’ (WfL) pupils
  2. To enrich learning experiences by providing wider curriculum opportunities for pupils within PP Group

Target PPG year groups from 2016-17 mid-year data analysis were Reception , Year 1 and  Years 5 & 6.

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