Pupil premium grant expenditure: End of Year Review of Plan for spending: 2017/18

The full end of Year Review of Plancan be viewed by clicking here . Please note the table is in .pdf format and may not be viewable on all devices

Overview of the school

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils on roll - 463

Total number of pupils eligible for PPG (including ever FSM) - 63 children FSM/ Ever 6; 7 LAC/ SGO; EYFSPP 5 children

Amount of PPG received per pupil; 63 x £1320= £83160; 7 x £1900= £13300 PP plus LAC or SGO; + EYFSPP= 5x £60 = £300

Total amount of PPG received - £96760

Total amount spent  To be confirmed end of 2017/18 school year

PPG remaining  Nil

  1. To provide intensive support for identified  new, tracked and ‘Wellbeing for Learning’ (WfL) pupils
  2. To enrich learning experiences by providing wider curriculum opportunities for pupils within PP Group

Target groups from from end-of-year data analysis - Y2, Y4, Y6

Nature of support planned and delivered 2017/18

  • Pastoral - supporting emotional support to benefit from the Oldfield ethos and be successful in their lives. Can also be support  for parents;
  • Curriculum – supporting academic progress and attainment & wider learning;
  • Professional – supporting teachers and other staff to enable accelerated learning;
  • Other – involvement in multi-professional team approaches.

Total spend: £96,731

Predicted income £96,750

Over/Underspend -£29


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