Parent Representatives - 2016-2017

Class Parent Representative Child
YRO Vacancy  
YRL Vacancy  
Y1O Mrs Rachel Little Ethan Little (Y1O), Elissa Little (Y5L)
Y1L Vacancy  
Y2O Vacancy  
Y2L Vacancy  
Y3O Vacancy  
Y3L Vacancy  
Y4O Vacancy  
Y4L Mrs Hamdi Hassan Kadija Yasin (Y1O), Mohamad Yasin (Y4L), Ubah Yasin (Y6L)
Y5O Vacancy  
Y5L Mrs Lisa Boudabbous Laith Boudabbous (Y5L)
Y6O Mrs Sumaya Ahmed Yusuf Ali (Y6O)
Y6L Mrs Vathany Subramaniam Kabeeshan Subramaniam (Y6L

There is a document produced by the Parent Representative Group that defines the agreed project for school priorities and its mission statement. "From an effective partnership developed 2012-2013, to help parents/carers and the school, to work together to accelerate learning for more able pupils and for all pupils – especially in reading". Parent review comments April 2014 are in italics. The Action Plan can be viewed by following the 2013-14 Action Plan link here.

In addition to the Action Plan the results of the Questionnaire, sent to parents in February 2014, can be seen by following the Questionnaire link here. The questionnaire provided considerable input to Action Plan.

New Mini Kids Cafe

New Mini Kids Cafe style transition arrangements as the Autumn Inspire 2014 was a huge success. Teachers planned new arrangements for transition at every stage based on the views of pupils and parents. This comprised:

  • A year leaflet on staff, expectations, curriculum, trips and events;
  • Tables for writing expectations on learning i.e. What children and parents value and want;
  • Joint learning activities for parents to enjoy and learn with their children.

The vital communications allowed good relations to be established from the start. A total of 230 parents attended out of a possible 417 a 5% increase on 2013. We are a listening school and this new approach to transition is further strengthening our already strong community.

Mrs Day would like to thank personally the Parent Reps who researched others' views and talked to her about transition.

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