Brief Extracts from the Ofsted Inspection Report

'Good with Outstanding Features'

'Oldfield Primary is a good school. It has a number of outstanding features. Its extremely positive ethos, encompassing excellent care for each pupil regardless of their background or ability, promotes outstanding behaviour and personal development. Pupils show an excellent grasp of what is required to grow up healthily. They appreciate the need for a balanced diet, promote healthy eating and are happy with the food choices that the school provides. They enjoy the numerous opportunities to take exercise, participating in large numbers. With outstanding personal development and good achievement, ensuring pupils move from very low starting points to reach average levels of attainment by the end of Year 6, outcomes for all groups are outstanding.'

'Rigorous checks on pupils’ progress, both academic and personal, quickly identify potential problems. Rapid actions mean most pupils quickly overcome barriers, ensuring excellent equality of opportunity. Excellent outcomes for pupils promote outstanding value for money.'

'Teaching has numerous strengths and some lessons are outstanding, displaying high expectations, drive and creativity. Most teaching is good or outstanding and this pattern promotes good learning. Pupils learn well because they enjoy the stimulating lessons and find the curriculum interesting. Teachers plan and prepare carefully, so lessons incorporate varied activities and run at a good pace.'

'Effective self-evaluation provides a strong foundation from which the school can tackle weaknesses. Cohesive leadership and a shared drive and ambition ensure staffs work cohesively to overcome concerns.'

'The school’s intensely focused use of assessment and other information about pupils ensures that each one is well supported according to their need. Rigorous progress reviews mean no pupils are overlooked or allowed to fall behind without remedial action ensuing. This excellent inclusion means that all groups of pupils, including those who speak English as an additional language, make similarly good progress.'

'Parents, carers and pupils are almost unanimous that the school offers exceptional care and guidance. Precisely targeted support to all pupils, an innovative pastoral tracking system ensures that those facing emotional and other difficulties are given the similar high-quality help afforded to those facing academic problems. Care for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities, and for those who speak English as an additional language is thorough and effective.'

'Behaviour is exemplary, contributing to good learning and the positive ethos. Pupils are thoughtful and considerate and get along very well with their teachers and one another. Pupils report they feel very safe in school, a view strongly echoed by parents and carers.'

A copy of the full report can be viewed by following this link to the Ealing website - Ofsted Report 2017

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