How we learn at Oldfield Primary School

The way your child learns may be quite different to how you learnt at school! At Oldfield Primary we make sure our teachers keep up to date with the latest developments in teaching and learning.

This is what your child may tell you about their learning:

"I often work with my ‘Learning Buddy”. We share our ideas; plan our work; and think about our learning together. This helps us both. My Learning Buddy might be different in maths, literacy and topic. We change partners regularly and they’re chosen randomly."

"We are encouraged to be good learners, including being resilient; finding links and connections; adapting to change; being curious; and being creative to solve problems."

"I know that it’s OK if I make a mistake in my work. If I got everything right, that would probably mean the work was too easy for me anyway!"

"I love a challenge. I know that when I'm first learning something it might be difficult, but I'll keep trying - that's how I'm going to learn the most!" We know that sometime we need to FAIL as it is only a FIRST ATTEMPT AT LEARNING"

"We decide on Success Criteria, this helps us know how to be successful in our learning and how to make our work even better."

"We do our work in different ways. Sometimes we work independently, sometimes with a learning buddy, sometimes in groups with other children and sometimes in groups with the teacher. All of these are good ways to learn."

"Learning can happen inside and outside of the classroom. Sometimes we learn inside the classroom and sometimes we learn outside! Sometimes I might go to different parts of the school to learn or even to the local park! We go on lots of educational visits every year. We go to museums, shows, parks, castles. We also have groups come to work with us in schools- this may be drama activities or challenging tasks."

"My teacher will often use a lolly stick to randomly select and share someone’s ideas."

"In Reception we learn through play and exploration, in a free flow environment.  The way we learn supports our communication and language development, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. Our teachers watch what we do in order to make judgements  on what to do next."

"In most lessons the teacher uses the interactive whiteboard to support our learning. Other technology is used to support and record our learning including cameras, laptops and visualisers. A visualiser is a special projector to make my work big enough to show the class."

"If my teacher has talked to me about what I need to do next, I may have a verbal feedback stamp to say we have chatted."

"Sometimes we ‘magpie ideas’ from each other, this means listening to other examples and taking the best pieces to make our work better. We especially like to do this with work from authors."

"In some lessons we will look at what people can do to improve by giving them two stars ( two good pieces) and then setting them a wish for them to try the next time."

"I often use traffic lights to say how I feel in that lesson. I may choose Red -meaning I need more help, Amber to say I can understand most ideas but feel a little unsure and Green means I am happy to move onto the next piece."

"My teacher doesn’t mark every piece of work - sometimes I have to evaluate how well I have done against the success criteria or my learning buddy will help me decide what I can improve."

"If I have reviewed my own work I will use a purple pen to help me talk to the teacher. If I seem to have understood what I am doing The teacher will often ask a  challenge question that I can then try to answer."

"I am often given ‘Next steps’ to complete for a target towards my next piece of learning."

We hope you enjoyed our  Guide to Learning at Oldfield.

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