Fundraising and Income Generation Update

Oldfield works creatively to access a range of funding sources. We are proud to work with many different organisations to support and enhance our curriculum. If parents know anyone who can donate prizes or offer match funding we would be greatly interested.

Source/Charity Approached Focus
Tetley Readers ongoing volunteer project for 15 years Yes Trained volunteer adult readers help support children throughout the school with their reading.
Barclays Yes Barclays attended International Evening to support our events and led many code projects in school. Match funding only will work with charity status. 2016-2017 Oldfield is looking into develop FOA as possible charity status.
Ealing Innovation Fund Yes £7,500 Ealing Innovation Fund with Horsenden who also received this amount to develop the Technology Trail and Oldfield also £2,500 Ed Psych Project in Reception.
Voices Foundation Yes £3,500 John Lewis to match-fund Voices Foundation Project Singing Project across the curriculum
YPTE Yes £1,500 April 2015 to support garden project
Ward Forum Yes £1,500 April 2015 – April 2016 to support garden project
Brunel University Yes £250 per student who trains with us
St Mary’s University Yes £275 per student who trains with us
Heathrow Fund Yes Family Learning Day Amount £2000
Science Fund Yes Family Learning Day Amount £2000
Sainsbury’s Vouchers Yes Used to purchase PE and Outdoors sports’ equipment Yes School receives donations via this website- over £250 free money by October 2016
Tesco’s Garden Yes Project was against other schools for £10,000 prize. Initially unsuccessful then resubmitted. Successful second attempt. Voting taking place in stores early October 2017 as to whether the school receives £8000, £10000 or £12000
Ernest Cook Foundation Yes £2,500 given to further support Technology trail
John Lyons Yes £45,000 joint bid with Horsenden. Unsuccessful
Royal Society Yes £10,000. Developing Science. Unsuccessful
Nuffield Science Yes £25,000 currently resubmitting
Possible Future Projects    
Asda   Match fund playground projects
Waitrose   They give a pot of money to a ‘worthy cause’ each month
RHS   Support garden project
Homebase   Support for garden project
Football Association   Support for garden project
Lottery   Worthy causes supported


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