Clubs and Timetables

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs which take place before school, at lunch times and after school. A Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club are run every day.

High quality clubs and activities are an essential part of school life. They provide opportunities to enrich children’s experiences beyond the curriculum and are an excellent medium to foster good relationships between staff, pupils and parents. They develop children’s social skills by providing a forum of interaction between children across different ages and schools. Clubs and activities are matched to our staff’s expertise and interest and make the most of the resources we have in school. In some cases, clubs are run by external providers who make a charge for attendance.

Lists are kept for all clubs, and letters offering spaces are sent out at the beginning of each term. Please note that spaces are limited and if there are too many applications places will be decided by drawing names out of a hat. The children will be notified at school if they are successful or not.

All clubs which incur a cost must also be paid for at the time of booking (cash or cheque paid directly to the school office. (Failure to pay promptly may cause disappointment).

Following are links to read and download the timetable for clubs Autumn 2016. We review provision for clubs every half term and take suggestions for further opportunities via the Parents Rep. Group or via the Childrens School Council.

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