Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

Children enjoy learning PSHCE because they

  • Learn about how to keep themselves safe.
  • Learn about how to handle their emotions.
  • Can talk about things that are worrying them.
  • Learn how to help others.
  • Enjoy Circle Time activities.

This is how PSHCE is organised at Oldfield:

  • KS1 children learn about setting goals, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, charities, keeping safe, the qualities of a good friend, keeping clean and different types of families.
  • KS2 children learn about setting goals, celebrating achievements, the effects of drugs and alcohol, democracy, peer pressure, keeping safe, stereotypes, budgeting, relationships, puberty and reproduction.

Teachers plan topics thoughtfully to ensure that all children are involved and feel safe in their learning environment. By tapping into the ‘hands-on’ resources available, children are drawn children into enjoying learning about themselves and others and understanding how to keep safe.

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