At Oldfield we are proud of our tradition of promoting music, children have a dedicated music lesson once a week and we also incorporate music into other areas of the curriculum.  Children

  • Learn a variety of songs and different genres
  • Learn about various composers and instruments
  • Have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument
  • Take part in various musical assemblies and perform in front of the school and parents

This is how music is organised at Oldfield

  • In KS1, children learn the basics of notation which they build on as they continue through the school. Children learn to enjoy singing and expressing themselves through songs and rhymes.
  • Children in KS2 continue the excellent singing programme the school has invested in and in Year 3, children learn to play recorder. We seeking a grant to re-establish instrument training for all KS2 pupils as we have a long history of every pupil 7-11 learning to play a musical instrument.

Oldfield is a singing school!

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