Integrating ICT

Using ICT is an integral part of teaching and learning at Oldfield. Children can learn independently both at home and school, in the local library or in the hugely popular after-school ICT club using software such as Mathletics and Purple Mash where they create stories, read electronic books or follow up a project independently that they are interested in. Clicker 6 is a great audio and visual program to help all children write creatively as they learn English; trial how sentences ‘work’ and learn to use grammar and spelling rules correctly just as they do through using the ‘Key Visuals’ approach away from the computer.

Ms Moles keeps a check that all teachers and class staff in our school are trained in how to use the great programs we have to assist all the different stages and steps in learning, for example, did you know we have a Handwriting program? We do, really!

Children also use lots of fun IT equipment such as cameras to capture pictures and video of their learning both inside and outside the classroom. They regularly use visualizers to share their work with others and learn to use electronic temperature gauges in science.

A new tablet based project called ‘Flipped Learning’ in Y2 and Y5 is an extension of our Critical Thinking project with Brunel University for 3 years to encourage all children to think widely and deeply as ‘Young Urban Scholars’. Teachers had lots of training in consistently planning for Critical Thinking and as a result more children have achieved higher levels.

Mrs Day, Headteacher, is delighted that Ms Moles and Mrs Deacy are leading this fun and interesting ‘Flipped Learning’ project so that by Term 3 in summer 2016, all children will be using tablets to regularly ‘flip’ how we learn. This type of child-centred learning is the whole reason why the CHILL (child initiated learning location) was re designed in the way it was 6 years ago.

Watch this space…… for pictures and feedback!

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