History is one of the most popular subjects in the school! Children enjoy learning history because they

  • gain an understanding of the passage of time and chronology;
  • learn how historical knowledge is formed through discovery, enquiry and evidence;
  • learn about the wider world;
  • can enter into the spirit an era, for example through dressing up to experience an historical day, such as a Stone Age Day;
  • can compare and contrast opinions of times “then” and “now”.

 This is how history is organised at Oldfield:

  • KS1 children learn about the lives of famous people such as Florence Nightingale and study important events like The Great Fire of London.
  • KS2 start with Stone Age in Year 3, move to the Romans and World War 1 in Year 4. Year 5 children take up the story with Anglo Saxons and in Year 6, children study the Vikings. There are also studies beyond the UK with work on the Aztecs in Year 5 and the Egyptians in Year 3.

Teachers plan topics creatively, for example, through drama, historical trips and visiting speakers. By tapping into the rich resources available locally and in London, children are drawn children into enjoying learning history and understanding of their own place in the world.

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