The main purpose of our Geography curriculum is to instil a sense of awe and wonder about the world around us.  We aim to develop a sense of curiosity and fascination within all of our children, to encourage them to think for themselves, to take initiative, to ask questions and investigate our world.

At our school we want to instil a lifelong love of Geography, therefore we use real places, real experiences and real issues to make Geography come alive. The teacher’s at Oldfield use their knowledge of pupil’s interests, and the children’s own personal geographies to celebrate the diversity within our school community and to develop a deepened understanding of the world around us. We use a variety of multi-media resources including ICT to engage our children and allow them to independently select and research a broader range of geographical information.

In Oldfield we are passionate about instilling a ‘hands on’ approach in Geography, with several year groups carrying out field work in our local area and further afield, for example Year Five visit the River Thames as part of their learning around rivers.

By encouraging our children to think geographically we hope to enrich their social, moral, and cultural development. We are committed to developing ‘Geographers for Life’ and instilling them with investigative and problem-solving skills for use both inside the classroom and beyond. With these skills we hope to develop our children into educated citizens who can make a valuable change to our world.

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