Computing is not only valuable but a highly popular subject here at Oldfield. Children enjoy learning computing for many reasons but particularly because they:

  • Engage with using a variety of software and hardware.
  • Learn how to code and programme.
  • Collect and analyse data for inform projects.
  • Create blogs.
  • Video and edit films.

This is how the computing curriculum is organised at Oldfield:

  • KS1 children learn about programmable toys and how to input sequences of instructions and develop into algorithms as well as learning mouse and typing skills; how to find pictures online and web safety. 
  • KS2 children continue to develop their knowledge of web safety, camera and video skills and learning how to use algorithms to produce a series of animated and interactive scenes while focusing on strategies for locating and correcting programming errors

Teachers plan topics innovatively to link in with topics across the curriculum, for example creating animations, repeated patterns and videos related to Stone Age history topics and Green week. By tapping into the wealth of portable ICT resources such as recording microphones and Learn Pads and integrating them with the outdoor environment, children are able to make concrete connections between ICT and their physical surroundings.
A range of online learning resources can be accessed by all pupils through MY USO and children are encouraged to use these during various Computing Clubs. The school has bought into Espresso, Reading Eggs, Mathletics and Purple Mash as part of many valuable resources they are able to access inside and outside of school.  At Oldfield, we are always striving to deliver quality Computing lessons and providing excellent computing and e-learning resources.

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