Art enables Oldfield primary pupils to develop their imagination and creativity! Children enjoy learning Art because they

  • Experience inspiring and challenging lessons across the curriculum to enhance their knowledge of the role of art, craft and design.
  • Learn to use colour, shape, form, line, tone, space, pattern and texture to represent their feelings and ideas.
  • Investigate the possibilities of a range of materials and processes to improve their drawing, painting and sculpting.
  • Oldfield’s annual Art week enables children to experiment, share and celebrate their own amazing work and artistic skills.
  • Explore the aesthetic styles of a range of artists, craft-makers and designers and innovatively recreate their art.

This is how Art is organised at Oldfield:

  • KS1 children begin to experiment with various materials and methods to design, create and make images and artefacts.
  • KS2 children learn to improve their mastery of art and craft techniques. They increase their ability to create, discuss and evaluate their art.

Teachers plan topics creatively, for example, through ICT software, visits to museums, galleries and internet research. By tapping into the various artistic resources available at Oldfield, children enjoy developing their innovative and imaginative ideas and learn about the cultural significance of art.

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