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Oldfield Primary School

A community of proud and resilient children who are learning to take their place in the world.

Meet the Staff

Staff List


Headteacher: Mr McCormack

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Savage

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Taylor

Acting Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Tranter

English as another Language Teacher: Mrs Afriyie

SEND Coordinator Teacher: Ms Franey

Physical Education and Health Teacher: Mr Wakefield


Class Teacher
NAM Mrs Green
NPM Mrs Green
YRL Miss Mauro
Y1O Ms Inson and Mrs Afriyie
Y1L Miss Yacoub
Y2O Miss Arnold
Y2L Miss Davies
Y3O Mrs Farci
Y3L Miss Dale
Y4O Mr Wakefield 
Y4L Miss Carter
Y5O Miss Lang
Y5L Mrs Stemp
Y6O Miss Killeen
Y6L Miss Robinson

Teaching Assistants

Early Years Miss S Maynard, Mrs Suidmak, Mrs Marrocco
KS1 Mrs Ramkissoon, Mrs Maynard, Mrs Pincho, Mrs Tregear
KS2 Mrs Zaveri, Mrs Riley, Mrs Morris, Mrs Virdee, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Sandhar, Mrs Khanna, Mrs Neska


Role Name
School Business Manager Miss Borrajo
Administrator Mrs Duffy
Administrator Mrs Wilson
Administrator Mrs Lewis
Welfare Staff Mrs Edwards, Mrs Riley, Mrs Zaveri
Welfare and Speech and Language Mrs Edwards
Lunchtime Supervisors (SMSA’s) Mrs Edwards, Mrs Riley, Mrs Zaveri, Mrs Sandhar, Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Ramkissoon, Mrs Tregear, Mrs Siudmak, Mrs Egyir, Mr Brandano, Mrs Morris
Caretaker Mr Mattocks
Cleaners Mrs Sweeney, Ms Groves, Mrs Muzammal, Mrs Oppong-Wiafe, Mrs Egyir
Volunteer Mrs Mann


Staff Development and CRB

All staff are committed to personal and professional development.

Five days each year are designated to in-service staff training. Regular meetings are held to discuss the implementation of educational initiatives. The school is always working towards mainataining an ‘Investors in People’ award. It is an outside measure of the school’s commitment to staff development in order to provide each child with the best possible education.

All staff have current CRB checks to verify their safety to work with children. Volunteers (including Tetley Readers), Harrison Catering staff and students, also have CRBs.

Volunteer Help

If you would like to volunteer to help in the school classrooms, please contact the office.