Headteacher's Welcome to Oldfield Primary School

Oldfield is a flourishing school where children thrive academically, personally and through sports on our great site with its extensive nature trail and creative areas. Expectations for achievement in all areas are high!

We aim to ‘live out’ our mission, “Joy through effective learning for life”, based on the belief that every child, indeed, every person in the school (and every person who has to do with the school, so that’s parents too), irrespective of creed, colour or background can be their best as well as achieve their best and thereby contribute positively to our school community and to society. It is the marrying of these two concepts of ‘being’ and ‘achieving’ that describes what we (the staff at the school) mean when we refer to ‘making a difference for children’.

When a child’s gifts or talents are drawn out, when their ‘learning lights go on’ there is something profound going on in their lives that equates to joy, so we all work very hard to create the supportive learning environment that enables children to be themselves, to be accepted and valued for the unique person they are and so they become lifelong learners, enabled to achieve all that they can.

Our school ‘Code of Conduct’, devised together with pupils, is the ‘backbone’ of our school and pupils know where to get help if they need it. Every decision in the school is made in the best interests of the children.

‘Our three main values are to be ‘Kind, Friendly and Safe’.

Please use this link to see our values flower

Mrs EA Day - Headteacher

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Uniform recycling

Would you like to save money and the environment? Then visit the uniform recycling scheme on Thursday 30th April 2015 at 3.15pm. The scheme provides parents and carers at Oldfield Primary School the opportunity to exchange items of uniform that are no longer suitable for a different size or to purchase exchanged items at a very low cost. The scheme started in 2012 and is run by parent helpers. It is run termly and is held in the Hall.

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